• What MarketPad Can Do For Businesses

    We provide an Ecommerce platform that is easy to use and allows YOU to accelerate your company's growth.

  • MarketPad.com Supports Autism Awareness

    MarketPad.com entered the manufacturing of compression clothing for the autistics community though one of our partner’s sisters.

  • Making Deals for the Community

    MarketPad unifies buyers and sellers by funding charities and Causes; and all the while rewarding the local businesses who support the charity with a growing network of new customer relationships. Best of all, every time something sells, there is revenue to support the cause.

  • Help Your Local Clubs and Organization

    Charities and Clubs already have networks of loyal members who want to assist their cause. With MarketPad, they support their cause by become long-term customers...all while enjoying great prices on products and services. Members support the cause by referring; passing the word and forwarding sellers offers via text, email, and social media to their networks!.

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