Frequently Asked Questions

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  • How Do I Register?

    • Go to and click on the 'Join' link located at the upper right corner of the page.
    • Fill out the Registration Form
    • Be sure to choose the Account-Type to fit your needs
      • Customer: I'm just here Shopping for Deals!
      • Business: I have a Business with Deals to Sell!
      • Organization: My Charity or Club needs to Raise Money!
      • Agency: I want to List Homes/Cars for sale in my local community!
      • Affiliate: I'm here to make money Promoting Deals and Businesses!

  • How to Create a Business, Organization, Agency, or Affiliate Profile?

    • Once you have Registered, Welcome! You will be sent to the "Edit Profile" page.
    • Be sure to complete all the form fields and choose your best pictures to be sure your profile looks as good as it can!

  • How do I edit my account information?

    • Your important account information can be edited at any time including Name, Email Address and Password by clicking the "Settings" link in the sidebar.
    • Edit the information in the form and click save. (note: you may be asked for your account password to make some changes)

  • How to Create a Deal or Product Discount?

    • Once you have created your Business Profile, navigate to the My Discounts page in the sidebar.
    • Click the "New Discount" button near the top right of the screen and complete the following form.
    • Be sure to fill out all the form fields with the best information and beautiful images to make sure your discount looks as good as it can!

  • How can I accept credit cards on my profile?

    • First you need to Connect your Business Profile with a Stripe Merchant Account
    • Don't worry...we've made it easy for you!
    • Navigate to the My Account link in the sidebar and click on the blue "Connect with Stripe" button.
    • On the next page, just follow Stripes's instructions and you're ready to start selling!

  • How can I update my current location and search radius?

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