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About us

Search local. Shop global.

Like many of the e-commerce providers before us, has built an internet marketplace site … but MarketPad has built the foundation for so much more. Our vision was to ‘raise the bar’ and build the one-stop marketplace that facilitates both business-to-consumer and consumer-to-consumer transactions with a broad and robust platform of easy-to-use solutions that encourages small and medium size businesses to have an on-line marketing and sales presence.


Our Business-to-Consumer Approach provides an easy-to-use business building e-commerce platform that allows companies to accelerate their growth. By utilizing our on-line store fronts, business directories, low cost deal model, classifieds and more – businesses can manage their inventory in real time and easily market and sell their products and services. This means that customers can access business store fronts via any desktop and mobile device, have a great user experience and the confidence their purchase is secure … and businesses can focus on their core business.

Our Consumer-to-Consumer Approach

Downsizing, upsizing, spring clean-out … look out! now offers the most marketing robust classified ads marketplace. With MarketPad - listings are simple and users can opt to see only local listings, national listings, or both. And, you can truly market your old treasures with unlimited photos and videos, and easily share your listings on social networks and other marketplace websites. At MarketPad, we want to drive transactions not inhibit - thus we embrace an ‘open’ policy to facilitate your listings being easily shared. After-all, the more people that view your listings the better your sales opportunities. Better marketing plus better user experience equals sales.


In 2010, Dave Spiker - our visionary and founder - was frustrated with the tools to effectively market, promote and sell his businesses services and products. Why did it take so much time and so many different applications to manage inventory, communicate his value proposition, promote his product and services, and offer a deal to attract new customers? And, why weren’t the applications on a single easy-to-use platform? With the excessive time spent managing his businesses - when would he actually pound nails, meet with sub-contractors, list homes, show homes and all the other necessary things to run his myriad of businesses and community involvement?

A die-heart entrepreneur, problem solver and rugged outdoorsman, Dave “loves to find, create, and tweak solid business models to meet the ever changing challenges of today.” So, Dave being Dave, he put his tenacity, brain and grit to work determined to figure out a better way. And, along the way, he recruited an incredible team that embraced his vision, and then some.

After working the problems for a while, the MarketPad team settled on the idea of creating a one-stop shop where both businesses and consumers could buy and sell. Initially, not all that novel! But – wait. What if he coupled that with a business directory, expansive store fronts showcasing products and services, classifieds that effectively marketed with unlimited photos and video, local listings that can pop first, a low cost deal model with immediate payment, real time inventory management and more? Definitely, sounding better! But - wait. What if all this was simple and not much of a learning curve for all the businesses without an on-line store front and e-commerce presence or the neighbor wanting to unload his old lawnmower or snow blower? Whoa, this might rock! But – wait, there’s more. What if MarketPad was accessible on any desktop and mobile device? What if modern application design was utilized making for a great user experience? What if customers had the confidence their purchase was secure? YES – we’ve got liftoff!

Fast track to spring of 2014 and we’re launching. We’re and we’ve delivered this experience for other small businesses and consumers. Now we want your business growth to accelerate with our easy-to-use business building e-commerce platform and ‘Be the Pad’ where sellers and buyers come together to search local – shop global.


Family Friendly

We embrace family friendly values to guide our business decisions, and content policies.


We are honest and dedicated to doing right and doing things right.


We are a collection of individuals who trust, respect and leverage each other’s experience and skills to succeed as a team. Our team values extend to include the small businesses and consumers that endorse and support our solutions.


Great industry pioneers have come before us. We embrace the breakthroughs that many others have achieved and aspire to earn the title of Pioneers and Innovators ourselves.

Common Sense

This may define us as we seek to balance common sense with innovation in our quest to keep MarketPad simple and easy-to-use. Hard and complex does not necessarily mean more functionality but does mean less utilization. We’ll vote for more utilization all day every day.


Did we say that Dave, our founder and CEO, has grit? So therefore goes the MarketPad team! Solving pervasive problems and making complex answers seem simple takes grit and perseverance but we will succeed.


Our wisdom is the sum of our team. We leverage our collective experiences, knowledge, successes, failures, and understanding to gain clarity on the best strategy for our solutions, the businesses and consumers who count on them, our company and each other.


We believe in our vision and the impact it can have on businesses and consumers alike. We’re not afraid of the risks, hard work and conflicts that come from ‘figuring out the better way’.