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Chances are if you’re on the internet you’re here to do one of those things. Our aim at marketpad is to make your finding, selling, sharing and connecting as safe and as simple as possible.

Find. At the core of marketpad is our virtual shopping mall platform where we take the best current classifieds and big box store models and add our own exclusive features. Buyers have the option of searching by zip code with pinpoint accuracy or selecting the entire nation, then refining by category or keywords results from not just our site, but an aggregate of other classifieds and online retailers. All our listings offer buyers full size photo viewing capabilities, the option of paying online (if offered by seller) and one click access to any seller’s inventory of goods or products.

Sell. You can have your own subdomain website hosted on MarketPad which empowers you to sell your products nationally including integrated payment system, or simply list your inventory with a location for purchase and pickup via our local classifieds. Not only that, but your listed items are transferred to's results, as well as plugged into our local online directory for increased exposure. Sellers can interact with your customers through our integrated, in-house comments & feedback (with new message auto-alert), personal spam-free messaging, group affiliations, coupons, banner ads and more.

Share. We offer social media simplicity with one click access to over 300 social media sites on every listing. Whether you’re sharing your own ad on your facebook wall, sending it to a friend, or tweeting a new real estate listing you found at marketpad to your REALTOR, we make it simple to share the information with a thumbnail image, title and brief description linking to the original ad. We also feature our exclusive E-flyer Grab which allows you to transfer an attractive, online version of your MarketPad ad on any other site that accepts HTML, online email programs and websites.

Connect. The common bond between all we offer is people connecting with people. Whether you’re surfing our classifieds, advertising your services in our smart directory, reaching out to customers through our coupon distribution system, creating a group profile for your chess club, or just blogging on your Power Page, Marketpad offers easy, safe access to other members. Our Business Members are afforded unlimited coupon distribution throughout our site as well as a rotating affiliate banner that can be edited and updated daily so you can pinpoint where you want to focus your message to other members.

Along with all those features we offer a secure experience utilizing our own in-house messaging, comment platform and administratively controlled flagging system to prevent fraud. We also ONLY employ in-house ads on marketpad to reduce the risk of spam, phishing sites and unfriendly URL’s, and we don’t spam you with cookie related offers, so if you create a group about camping, you won’t be seeing camping emails show up in your message box.

So, if you're not already a member, please join us and start taking advantage of all we have to offer!

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