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Local focus, national exposure

You choose your target audience

Change your demographics daily

Multiple Categories for more exposure

Reserve your top spot

Drive customers to your page

Full-scale business directory

Dedicated business web presence

Virtual Store Abilities

Coupon creation and distribution

Social media simplicity

Rotating Banner Ad


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MarketPad offers a web content management system (web CMS) platform unlike any other to fit your business needs. We're more than a great directory, more than superior classifieds, and more than a lively social site -- we allow your business to thrive in an active marketplace for more exposure -- whether users come to our site specifically to search for a service or product, or just to hang out at our pad.

Just think, if you are a products selling merchant:

You can have your own site which empowers you to sell your products online, allow users to purchase your shippable products online, or simply list your inventory with a location for purchase and pickup.  Not only that, but your listed items are automatically added to a global marketplace and plugged into a local online directory. You can interact with your customers through comments & feedback, personal messaging, group affiliations, instant coupons, affiliate banners ads, and more. Plus, we host your own dedicated web address here at marketpad, so you always have a place to send customers or clients to keep up to date with what's happening with your business.



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