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MarketPad - Who and Why is a deal based website that connects sellers and buyers through clubs and organizations that need or want to raise money. 

  • We build virtual storefronts for every club, charity and business organization we partner with, filled with deals to local businesses that WE go out and find! 
  • The groups then share these deals with their family, friends and networks and a portion of EVERY purchase made from their storefront goes to support their desired cause.

We don’t want anyone to change what they already do.  So go out to eat, get a massage, go to the gym…we just want you to look at MarketPad first to see what deals you can get on those things, and purchase it through a club or organization that you want to help support!

  • Unlike other BIG name deal websites that take anywhere from 50-60% of sales profits, we get under 10% of every deal sold. 
  • This means small, local businesses keep 90%+ of their profits. 
  • This is a great FREE way for a business to get brand awareness and marketing, while also helping local causes. 
  • Small businesses can come up with a deal on our platform and it AUTOMATICALLY auto-fills on to ALL the virtual storefronts we've partnered with- marketing made easy!

Many clubs, schools, churches and businesses have networks that differ in so many ways and the marketing involved with reaching these individuals can get pricy. 

  • We have the audience, let us connect you with them! 
  • You ONLY pay when a deal is sold. 
  • Check us out, come up with a deal, and let us spread the word.