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Students learn real life business techniques - Our aim is to greatly enhance and improve all traditional fundraising techniques most schools employ by adding an invaluable, real-life business education experience for all your students & your local business community.  You and your students are the technology gurus of today & tomorrow! 95% of all customers go online to look for products and services, yet HALF the local businesses owners in your community are not on-line and lack those technology skills and understanding needed to affordably present their business online. As the market rapidly shifts towards “instant in-demand information” via smartphones and I-Pads, it has never been more important for small business to be online, thus requiring your students special skills and knowledge. is the platform designed to meet this “Grand Canyon Opportunity” by hooking up your tech-guru students with tech-starving small business merchants needing your help and assistance. Our business in a box model allows students to experience “hands on” the many important aspects of business ownership. From basic salesmanship techniques and sales-team building, to developing marketing strategies, simple template web programming and design, virtual store setup, establishing social networking links, and all the way to basic accounting and proper client management to many of your local businesses that clearly understand their need for your advanced business technical skills assistance to get their business on-line. All this brought to you, the student organization, at zero cost and with the potential of substantial fundraising opportunities including a continuing residual income stream to your student organization. And the best part is that not only are you helping the school, students and faculty, by selling and marketing to small and large local businesses, you’re also performing a valuable service to the community. This opportunity is so grand, every student business organization can benefit at any level desired.


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