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Quickly Distribute Coupons

Quickly Distribute Coupons

Coupons/Discounts – MarketPad is a great place for small business owners, retailers and restaurants to list over-stock as well as promotional items through it's coupons. There a variety of ways for businesses to increase sales.

Live, real-time Deals/Coupons that can be purchased online with one simple click of a mouse. Be in control of your Coupons without having to spend a fortune on a print-ad or hiring a design company to take a cut of your already discounted services. Control how many can be purchased, the time-limit and virtually every aspect of how you would like to offer these BUY NOW deals to your customers. Transactions are purchased online via computer or mobile device and money is securely transferred to your account almost instantly. 

Is there a slow time in your restaurant? Maybe between the hours of 2:00 PM - 5:00 PM? Need more happy hour advertisement? Big game coming up this weekend? Overstock of certain items? Offer discounts or Deals to whomever visits your page or falls into the criteria by creating a discount and spread the word of what you have to offer.