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American Hero Support Club

Like most Americans, the founders of MarketPad share a deep-rooted respect for our country and the men and women of the United States military. There’s no greater sacrifice than that made by a man or woman who chooses to risk literally life and limb for their country.

While there are many groups and organizations who work for and support our wounded veterans, we chose to focus our donations to groups such as Soldiers Angels’ who provide both real-time support and long-term care.

At MarketPad, we donate a percentage of every dollar we take in – from any source, to those groups. Currently the percentage is 10% -- and we believe with our continued success, that percentage will turn out to be a substantial benefit to our wounded heroes.

So for businesses who advertise on MarketPad – the money you spent will not only provide an effective platform for you business, but also go a long way in providing support for the men and women of the united states military.

For our free classifieds users – you too are doing your share by keeping our site full and by patronizing the businesses and services who advertise on MarketPad.

Thank you to all who visit our site. Your support is appreciated by the founders of this company, and you can feel good knowing your patronage is making a difference in the lives of our American heroes.

If you would like to donate to wounded veterans directly, you can do so on the Soldier's Angels' direct page.